Yarns United – The Trend Area of Pitti Filati

Yarns United - The Trend Area of Pitti Filati
Yarns United - The Trend Area of Pitti Filati

A flag can assume many meanings. As numerous as the number of flags that will be presented at the next Spazio Ricerca, over 100. One for every exhibition reality that gravitates around the great United Nations of Yarn. Lit up by the sun and blown by the wind, they will transform primary colours into new solar tones that are less clear-cut and in constant interaction with one another. The concept of shading and a scale of colours will once again be confirmed as the most suitable chromatic approach for the coming season, which will not only mute colours, but also include them without visual discordances.

Six themes will develop in a playful and light way the most interesting visual aspects of flags proposed against the backdrop of a summer sky:


A Cartesian orthogonal wind orients and defines the lines, geometries, and even the shapes of the flags themselves, which differ in accordance with their uses. In the search for a new basic, understood as the language of both forms and colours, maritime flags will inspire the first group.


Flags are broken down – blown by the force of a new wind – in vibrant tensions that constantly change, ready to reinvent themselves every time the air changes or upon encountering new currents. Sensitive and rigid, the flags of this group.


There’s strength in numbers. Places and people come together and listen to one another, combining their forces in a gesture of mixing and equality. Individual flags pass from one hand to the next, and vice-versa, in a combined expression of sharing.


An increasingly intense exploration into the history of flags and the places they represent, including the countries and regions, results in flags that are increasingly animated by legendary and symbolic figures, connected to local history and the evolution of the territory that involves noble lineages, families, figures and legends.

The Moon and the Stars

Whether there is only one, thirteen, or fifty of them, the star is one of the most recurring elements in the flags of various States and organizations worldwide. Bright stars that represent a Member State, a waxing moon as a herald of prosperity and richness.


Many global issues and emergencies are at stake and it is non-governmental organizations that independently monitor issues like those of human rights, health, the environment, childcare, youths, education and religion; with a nod even made to space and technology.

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