Biella Yarn SS 2023 collection for flat knitting


Nuremberg, Germany

Suedwolle Group company’s new collection will showcased at Pitti Filati in Florence, from today.

With its new Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Suedwolle Group’s Biella Yarns says it wants to invite you to appreciate the little moments of joy and fun hidden in the daily struggle of work-life balance. The joy of laughing with friends, enjoying the sunset while listening to the sound of waves crashing on the beach or the feeling of wind ruffling your hair while riding on a ferris wheel. This joy that is accompanied by comfortable garments people choose to wear throughout the day.

“Within our flat knitting yarns collection Spring/Summer 2023 you might find the perfect yarns for summer apparel in natural blends providing dry and cool touch: Runda Nm 2/60 (70% Merino wool Superfine, Super 120’S, 17.5 mic, anti-shrinkage, 20% linen, 10% silk), Carlisle Nm 2/60 and Nm 2/80 (70% Merino wool Superfine, Super 160’S, 15.5 mic, anti-shrinkage, 30% silk) or Banff Nm 2/60 (50% Merino wool Superfine, Super 120’S, 17.5 mic, Total Easy Care, 50% Ramie). Ramie is a natural cellulosic fibre that gives the blend lightness and minimizes shrinkage,” the company explains.

“The blend of wool with functional fibres like Coolmax EcoMade Polyester Mistral ECO Nm 2/48 (45% Merino wool Extrafine, 19.5 mic, anti-shrinkage, 55% Coolmax EcoMade Polyester) is another yarn within our collection, where the balance of nature and functionality helps creating comfortable active wear.”

“The range of our fine and superfine yarns made out of 100% Merino wool rounds off our Spring/Summer collection.”

“Of course, our bestsellers like Victoria Nm 2/30 & Nm 2/48 (100% Merino wool Extrafine, 19.5 mic, anti- shrinkage) and Brisbane Nm 2/60 (100% Merino wool Superfine, 17.5 mic, anti-shrinkage) are always available with their expanded stock service range,” Biella Yarns adds.

“For this Spring/Summer season we partnered with Knitwear Lab, Dutch Design and Development Centre, to create garments that combine the elegance, classic appearance and timeless look with the comfort of athleisure. The male look consists of a fine knitted polo shirt with contrasting details and smooth breathable texture made in Microfiamma Seta Nm 37000 Merino wool Extrafine blended with silk.”

“The trousers have a relaxed fit, made with the OTW Onyx Nm 2/48 Merino wool Extrafine yarn, that in combination with the STOLL-weave-in® knitting technique gives a heavier texture with a pleasant soft touch.”

“In the female outfit, a layered wrap skirt is styled with a long-sleeve top, both created in a delicate rib knit with a pointelle stitch. The top is made of OTW® Opal Nm 2/60 Merino wool Superfine, while the Godwin Nm 2/48 Merino wool Extrafine blended with LENZINGTM Lyocell gives the lustre silky touch to the skirt.”

Models: Fransje Gimbrere @fransjegimbrere, Charles-Antoine Chappuis @vase_tapis_tapis.

Biella Yarn website

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