Cobalt Fashion partners with Shima Seiki for sustainable knitwear


Combination of design system and WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines realises sustainable manufacturing, whilst reducing lead times.

Hong Kong-based Cobalt Fashion, one of the largest knitwear groups in the world, has reduced its lead times while realizing sustainable manufacturing through digitalization of its supply chain. The company has achieved this through the combination of virtual sampling created on Shima Seiki design systems and WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines.

Cobalt Fashion and Shima Seiki have teamed up to revolutionize and redefine the knitting industry.

Watch the Cobalt Fashion video…

Cobalt Fashion

Cobalt is at the forefront of the global knitwear industry, working as the go-to source for global retailers and brands. The company is a product specialist which creates beautiful trend-driven knitwear by utilising its extensive knowledge of yarn, experienced technical and manufacturing know-how; leveraging its market intelligence and competitive sourcing capabilities to work for its customers.

Cobalt customers across a wide spectrum of segments from mass, specialty to premium in the US, Europe and Asia, supported by teams across our Hong Kong, New York, Manchester, London, Shanghai, Dhaka, Singapore, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhuhai and Cambodia offices.

Cobalt Fashion is made up of four distinctive knitwear teams – Brilliant Global, Fenix Fashion, Ralsey Group and South Ocean Knitters.

Cobalt Fashion Website

Shima Seiki Design Software

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