New York Debut of Jennifer Joanou and Mr Halpern Collections

Jennifer Joanou. © Karim Guest New York

Sustainably made using Italian yarns, manufactured in Germany, two American designers make their luxury cashmere knitwear global debut in New York City.

Halpern and Joanou, better known in the spheres of interior design and the creative arts, were exclusively invited by Karim Guest New York earlier this year to become part of The Guestlist, a creative platform for select designers to make their debuts into the world of fashion through the uncompromised values of quality, luxury and sustainability.

Mr Halpern

Michael Halpern, son of an interior designer, spent his youth accompanying his mother to showrooms and clients’ homes learning the ins and outs of the design business through osmosis. His dual track education at Princeton University of Creative Writing and Art History led him first into publishing and then to the entertainment business, where he worked in film and television at Warner Bros and HBO in Los Angeles.

Upon the suggestions of friends, who admired the work he had done in his own homes, he transitioned into the design business, where he established his company, halperndesign, and Grafiks a line of luxury rugs showcased at Crosby Street Studios. His Guestlist collection is significantly influenced by his living in California; the light and colour, the ease of living and the romance of the movies.

Jennifer Joanou

Also ending up with her studio in New York in Chelsea, close to Crosby Street Studios, Jennifer Joanou initially delved into the world of fashion design after graduating from Otis College of Art and Design. She moved on to study photography and later developed a unique style of Visual Journaling – combining imagery and text in the exploration of her internal world. This practice brought ideas onto paper, fabric and embroidery. Her Guestlist collection is distinctive and unpretentious, yet soft enough to weave the beauty of the internal world into the wearable tactile exterior.

Mr Halpern. © Karim Guest New York

As the intersectional point where artisan mastery meets artful invention and technical innovation, you are invited to Crosby Street Studios for the launch of the first collections from The Guestlist. Guests can expect samples presented, alongside something sparkling and seasonal hors d’oeuvres. A once-off opportunity to order for pre-Christmas delivery – with a one-time Special Discount for Friends and Family – will also be available.

The Guestlist

Karim Guest New York fashion brand is committed to sustainability and to respect the environment and nature. The vision for his knitwear collection was that of a modern, clean and sustainable luxury menswear line produced in Germany using only the best luxury yarns available, combined with the highest standards of craftsmanship.

But this was not his the ultimate goal – Karim, together with his business partner Anton Schumann, wanted to create a platform for creative minds, giving them the possibility to design and realise their own authentic collections which also follow his standards for quality and craftsmanship.

Karim Guest is the Creative Director of The Guestlist and builds every collection together with each of the designers. Anton Schumann is the CEO of The Guestlist. “We at THE GUESTLIST believe that business and sustainability go hand-in-hand. “It is a given” that these are inseparable factors essential for growth, leading to a long-term success,” the brand explains.

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