New Yarn and Colour Trends from Zegna Baruffa

The Brave. © Zegna Baruffa

Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia, an Italian leader in the production of fine yarns for top-quality knitwear, together with its Chiavazza and Botto Poala brands, will be presenting its latest yarn and colour trends at the upcoming Pitti Filati trade show that takes place from 26-28 June in Florence.

The Brave

This range is dominated by the colour pink and what it represents. “Talking about shocking pink means telling the story of a truly daring woman, nicknamed “l’Imbroglio”. Daisy Fellowes, daughter of an aristocrat and heiress of the Singer sewing machines, left her mark in the history of Parisian salons from the early 1900s for her eccentric and rebellious character,” the company explains.

Super Natural. © Zegna Baruffa

“It was a fashion show by the surrealist couturier Elsa Schiapparelli that marked the entrance of shocking into history: Daisy presented herself wearing a bright pink 18 carat diamond which had belonged to Russian nobility and purchased in the Cartier boutique. The stylist immediately fell in love with the stone which she defined as “brilliant, impossible and impudent” and chose the colour for the packaging of her first perfume: SHOCKING.”

Super Natural

“Without melange shades, knitwear could never have been merged into collections and into the fashion it has represented ever since,” the company continues. “Journalists have always defined these colours in thousands of different ways, not considering what this range actually represents: the impressionist basis of collections.”


This range depicts a universe in grey, many types of shaded blues, white and yellow lights, coloured lights, sudden flashes of every colour, multiplied by the reflection of infinite crystals. It is inspired by the urban landscape, its most authentic and recognisable colours, its changing rhythm, the cultural scene and passing time.

Desire. © Zegna Baruffa

“The city is the physical and mental place of our living. It is found in the uninterrupted pulsing of its streets, in the mystery of all the windows we look at losing ourselves in imagining other people’s lives, searching for happiness, melancholia, desire, the solitude of our existence,” the company explains.

“The city is a meeting place. But it is also the place where one can truly be alone, spectators by choice or for necessity of a macrocosm on the move, of a gigantic pantomime about the human condition, where each fleeting framing can be the emotion of just one instant.”


“Gold is the colour of desire. To those who consider red the colour of passion and of desire, we suggest contemplating the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, painted by Klimt at the beginning of the last century,” the company continues. “In this range, gold has the same weight as the other shades and as such is used and rendered liveable even today.”


Beige can be found in the sand and in rocks, in interior design materials, in sculptures and on the Parthenon, and inspires this range. The term beige remains the same in all languages although inherited from French. Originally it was used to define a fabric obtained from unbleached wools and more than often the term was used to indicate the product itself.

City. © Zegna Baruffa

Today it represents a colour that is neutral and reassuring but which, with the passing of time, has taken on a character of itself, to be combined with bright colours but which gladly carries a style of its own.


This range is driven by the colour Naples Yellow – one of the shades of gold most used in a rather complex family of colours. The term can be found for the first time in the 1700s, when an Italian baroque painter wrote lateolum Napolitanum in order to define a pigment of this colour. Its true story has, however, remained unknown up to now, adding to its charm. Its presence within this range, which would otherwise have been considered as too opaque and intensely wintery, gives warmth and brightness.


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