Filpucci Presents Smart Values at Pitti Filati 85


Filpucci, an Italian leader in the manufacture of creative yarns for quality knitwear, continues at a fast pace towards responsible innovation and will showcase its latest smart solutions and trends at this month’s 85th edition of Pitti FIlati trade show that takes place from 26-28 June in Florence.

The company will demonstrate its Collection and Woollen collections for Autumn/Winter 2021, presenting new developments of the highest quality achieved through transparent and traceable production at every stage and combining creativity, innovation and smart design.

“A virtuous combination of elements that culminates in the creation of collections of pure contemporary luxury able to represent a new level of smart innovation linked to a transparent, sustainable and certified production,” the company says. “With Collection line, 28 types of sustainable thread are presented, of which 22 continuous articles and six new developments result of precious mixtures in which are involved in variable percentages raw materials of highest quality such as Sustainable Mohair South Africa, GOTS certified organic wool and FSC certified ENKA viscose.”


Filpucci has not only expanded the variety of developments for the new season, but also incorporated an important social value into its collections as demonstrated by the certification Sustainable Mohair South Africa.

“The mohair industry is of paramount importance to the South African economy as it can provide many opportunities for employment and is an important element for economic growth and social development of local communities. For these reasons the organisation Mohair South Africa insists on the need to maintain the sustainability of the mohair sector in South Africa. Mohair farmers in South Africa are encouraged to register for a conformity assessment, which allows MSA sustainability managers access to farms where angora goats are reared for mohair production,” the company explains.

Woollen A/W 2021. © Filpucci

Among the premium ingredients involved in the production of the collection, the GOTS certified organic wool stands out. Another key ingredient is the ENKA viscose, for voluminous and lightweight FSC (Forest stewardship Council) certified yarns. The FSC guarantee certifies that the cellulose comes from responsibly managed forests. “Responsible innovation echoes the desire to create a unique and innovative collection that can reflect at the same time the inherent values in the DNA of yarns and meet the needs of style and quality required by the market,” the company adds.


The second collection presented is a double expression of artisan value and ultrachic contemporary craftsmanship. It consists of 16 sustainable yarns, from the thinnest to the most voluminous titles, of which three new entries and 13 continuous.

Refined developments make up the Woollen collection. It is enriched with new patterns in the Ninetyfive family that combines the GRS certified – cashmere Re.VerSo – with the RWS certified (Responsible Wool Standard)-finest merino wool, in Crispy, Teddy and Plume versions in addition to the great classics.

Absolute new entry is the Seventyfive that combines 75% of cashmere Re.VerSo to a 25% extra fine merino wool, RWS certified (responsible wool Standard), embracing new applications on the market.

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