Zegna Baruffa Redefines Time in New Collection

At Pitti Filati, the company will present its new Autumn/Winter 2019-2020 Collection. © Zegna Baruffa

Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia, an Italian leader in the production of fine yarns for top-quality knitwear, will participate in this week’s Pitti Immagine Filati trade show that opens its doors in Florence, Italy.

At the show, the company will present its new Autumn/Winter 2019-2020 Collection, featuring design concepts that “absorb time to anticipate changes and technology, harmonising them”. The company will also present its 2017 Sustainability Report. The document details the impact of the actions already implemented in relation to the principles of social and environmental sustainability, while at the same time defining short and long-term future objectives.

“Through this initiative, which adopts obligations envisaged in the future only for listed and similar companies, we aim to target the highest level of commitment and transparency on issues that general consensus today considers inescapable, on a par with the most attentive international fashion brands, and according to a logic of common needs and total sharing of intentions,” the company reports.


Roots represents the way the history fuels the present and captures the insights of tomorrow. Intense tones enliven the past and open the way to the creation of a refined, unique product, according to the company. “These are yarns that dress our way of life because their roots strengthen our ability to interpret the new, the future,” it explains. “Essential yarns, proposed as opposed to the playful world of W.E.B. raw material and colour, give almost a manual value to knitwear: giving the possibility to create a refined and singular vintage.”

Natural Calm is about the essential rediscovering and rejoining authentic beauty. Silk, wool and cashmere fibres, together with natural shades, create a perfect balance between preciousness and brightness. The discreet and natural sheen of silk or the precious fineness of wool and cashmere give calm and balance.

Winter Denim is a snapshot of the summer sea, which fades into the memory, giving way to the austere winter sea. These yarns follow the ongoing evolution from the word of blue to fancy yarns. At the centre of this concept are yarns that bind different generations of the past 20 years: denim is a point of reference and an ever-topical signature mark.

Red Energy stands for the lightness of a warm heart and comforting yarns, which are essential factors in this range. Colours recover the light with bright red tones, intense, pure, mixed with purple charm. “Take shelter from winter in the warmth of wood, in the ancient essence of leather and in the sweetness of caramel,” the company says. Featured are yarns with features that allow the development of light, puffed out silhouettes mimicking fur.

Finally, the Profound Light range interprets yarns with very dark tones and makes it possible to grasp purity and quality creating an everyday formal chic look.


Another highlight is Cashwool yarn, created from a special selection of Australian extra-fine Merino wool and processed with an exclusive and patented system. It was developed in 1978 and has been used for more than 30 years by top knitwear producers from around the world. A pure wool, light, soft, dynamic and warm, elaborated over the years by experience and technology. Cashwool is produced in a very extensive range of colours, solids, melanges, mouliné and supermelanges.

“An authentic Italian-made classic that has become a benchmark for the world of top-of-the-range knitwear,” the company concludes.


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