SPINEXPO Introduces Green Innovations from Taiwan


The sixth edition of SPINEXPO Paris, the European version of SPINEXPO Shanghai, which has been held in China for over 20 years and is the global flagship event for spinners and knitwear manufacturers, will be held at a new venue, the prestigious Carrousel du Louvre, from 2-3 July.

The event is aimed at knitwear brands, flat-bed and circular knit manufacturers, weavers, sporting goods manufacturers, hand-knitting wool distributors and all yarn and knitwear users. The exceptional machinery at their disposal allows exhibitors to showcase technically innovative collections each season, thanks to a partnership between machine manufacturers, spinners and knitwear and sporting goods manufacturers that is stronger than ever.

Taking place in the same month – from 16-18 July – the 11th edition of SPINEXPO New York is SPINEXPO’s American event, attracting exhibitors from the USA, Canada and Mexico. The show introduces three fancy yarn spinners originally from Taiwan and now established in mainland China.

Yarns & Colors offers a comprehensive range of fashion yarns. © SPINEXPO
Yarns & Colors offers a comprehensive range of fashion yarns. © SPINEXPO

Yarns & Colors

Yarns & Colors is a spinner that specialises in research and innovation and has a comprehensive range of fashion yarns.

All its yarns (natural fibres and high-performance synthetic yarns, pure materials and blends, single and plied yarns) are eco-friendly.

The company says it uses a sophisticated logistics system that guarantees very high customer satisfaction levels.

Yarns & Colors has an extensive range of yarns, which is updated twice a year. © SPINEXPO

The company has an extensive range of yarns, which is updated twice a year, for knitwear, knitted fabrics, lingerie, socks, lace and embroidery, and can produce special customised yarns for its customers. The company has a stock service for many yarns and its minimum quantities are 5kg per colour for dyed yarns and 30kg per colour for ribbon yarns.


The company has offices in a number of countries, including France, the UK, Spain, Germany and the US.

Best Shan specialises in the production and development of fancy yarns. © SPINEXPO

Best Shan

Best Shan has specialised in the production and development of fancy yarns for several decades and has always been an advocate for the environment.

The spinner is always on the lookout for eco-friendly products, which it uses in combination with its own manufacturing techniques.

Best Shan has invested in a large-scale solar generator system which ensures the company’s power supply.

Best Shan is always on the lookout for eco-friendly products. © SPINEXPO

Best Shan has its own factory which produces industrial yarns spun primarily from natural fibres.

Its raw materials include kid mohair from South Africa, baby alpaca from South America, wool from Australia or New Zealand, silk, extra-long staple cotton fibres and hemp from China. It also uses Wasii paper yarns from Japan.


It presents two collections a year and has offices in Germany, Italy, Korea and Hong Kong.

AA Global is a leader in fancy yarn. © SPINEXPO

AA Global

AA Global is a pioneer in fancy yarn, an area that it is passionate about developing. It is a green spinning company, with a sophisticated energy-saving system and rainwater recycling system.

More than 60% of the land on its sites consists of meadow, gardens and orchards. Each season the company provides its employees with organic fruit and vegetables. The water for 80% of the green zone comes from the rainwater recycling system.

AA Global is a green spinning company. © SPINEXPO

Most of its raw materials are natural and include organic cottons and RWS wool. However, conscious also of the need to recycle plastic, AA Global now recycles chemical fibres and has developed a Recyclable series, for which it uses recycled nylon and polyester. It offers a stock service for more than 20 yarn qualities with an immediate stock of colours available.



If the product is not in stock, it can produce minimum quantities of between 250kg and 500kg per colour for a 1,500kg order. The company works with universities, in particular Nottingham Trent University in the UK.


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