Leading flat knitting machine builder Stoll has launched a new trend collection for spring-summer 2019. The German company’s STOLL Trend Collection Spring Summer 2019 SKATEBOARDING is a cool new knit collection inspired by skate culture, produced on its state-of-the-art flat knitting machines.

STOLL Trend Collection Spring Summer 2019 SKATEBOARDING. © STOLL.

“Skateboarding started off as a subculture, shaped by the style and music of the streets. Today, skate culture is back in vogue – not just on the streets, but on the catwalks of the high fashion world,” explains Jörg Hartmann, Head of Fashion & Technology at Stoll.

“Our latest Stoll Fashion & Technology Skateboarding collection is inspired by skate culture too, from graffiti-style street art to urban skate parks – including skate shoes, protective wear, and even a Bluetooth boom box.”

“These products aren’t simply designed to look cool, but perform well. Made from innovative yarns, using our state of the art flat-bed knitting technology, they are designed to be abrasion-resistant, cushioning, breathable, lightweight and free moving. Enjoy the ride.”

View the STOLL Trend Collection Spring Summer 2019 SKATEBOARDING

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