Next-Generation Shima Seiki technology at ITMA 2023


Wakayama, Japan

Of the nine flat knitting machines Shima Seiki is exhibiting in Milan next month, eight machines will be part of the Next-Generation line-up.

Leading flat knitting technology firm Shima Seiki, will be participating in the International Textile Machinery Association exhibition (ITMA 2023) in Milan, Italy this June. Held every four years in Europe, ITMA is known as ‘the Olympics of textile machinery’ and sets the stage for presenting the latest technology to the textiles industry.

Due to exhibition rules, there was a time when visiting ITMA meant you could expect to see brand-new machines exhibited for the first time. Since the 1990’s however, that regulation has become relaxed, and more recently, the kind of excitement expected from manufacturers showing first-time technology seemed like a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, Shima Seiki has consistently maintained an impressive showing at ITMA, showing something new and exciting at every edition under its guiding philosophy Ever Onward. For 2023, this tradition not only remains intact, but recalls ITMAs of the past through a brand-new line-up mostly consisting of new machines and next-generation prototypes.

Next-Generation flat knitting

The Next-Generation group of machines is represented by the letter R, first used in the SWG-XR WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine launched last year in time for Shima Seiki’s 60th Anniversary event. The SWG-XR name is based on the original SWG-X four-needlebed WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine which debuted at the Milan ITMA in 1995.

Shima Seiki SWG-XR WHOLEGARMENT flat knitting machine. © Shima Seiki

As ITMA returns to Milan, SWG-XR refers to its origin as a pioneering invention that launched a new genre of seam-free knits produced in one entire piece. At the same time, it represents a renewal of Shima Seiki’s commitment to its customers, the industry and the environment, as all aspects of the machine were re-evaluated in terms of its purpose, the way it is manufactured, how it is used and how it impacts the environment. The same renewal has been applied to the rest of the company’s product line-up, and it is this renewal that becomes the core of SHIMA SEIKI’s exhibition concept for ITMA 2023 – ‘Reborn’.

Of the 9 knitting machines Shima Seiki is exhibiting at its 600 square metre booth located at Hall 4, Stand D209, 8 machines will be part of the Next-Generation line-up, ranging from WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines and computerised flat knitting machines to glove knitting machines.

More than 300 items will be on display as proposals for knitted applications in various fields ranging from fashion, sports, shoes, bags and accessories to medical, safety, automotive, aeronautical and other wearable and industrial textile applications.


In addition to machine technology, Shima Seiki’s SDS-ONE APEX series computer graphic design system and software will be shown with their latest software upgrades that feature significant improvements in knit programming, 3D functions and speed. Demonstrations will be available for a comprehensive fashion tech solutions package based on realistic virtual sampling and supported by various digital solutions and web services.

Shima Seiki’s SDS-ONE APEX series computer graphic design system. © Shima Seiki

With a comprehensive display of its latest products and services, Shima Seiki technology at ITMA 2023 will demonstrate smart, speedy and sustainable production that further secures its leading role as flat knitting solutions provider.

Shima Seiki at ITMA 2023

Fiera Milano Rho, Milan, Italy

8-14 June 2023

Hall 4, Stand D209

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