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Berkley Cashmere, a New York based spinner of natural cashmere fibres founded in 1995, offers 135 authentic and fresh colours from its in-stock service using only premium quality raw fibres for the needs of the fashion industry. “Spinning them to international standards of excellence enables us to supply yarn to the world’s finest brands and design houses at competitive prices,” the company explains.

As a fourth-generation textile family, we build on a tradition of integrity, consistent quality, authentic value, expert craftsmanship, professionalism, and the understanding necessary to meet the needs of the industry’s demanding requirements. We continually use accredited third-party product testing laboratories to ensure purity.”

Berkley Cashmere is a leading luxury supplier of cashmere yarns and finished products. © Berkley Cashmere

For decades, the manufacturer has been assisting its customers with the manufacturing of their prestigious fine knit and woven cashmere private label brands. By streamlining the process, the company provides them with cost reductions and added profitability. “We have unlocked the mysteries of foreign cultures, language barriers and trade customs, thereby creating significant manufacturing advantages while maintaining high quality and improving delivery expectations,” the company adds.

Transparency and traceability

The leading luxury supplier of cashmere yarns and finished products values transparency and traceability. With experienced staff spanning continents, it is well positioned to handle round the clock customer challenges.

Berkley Cashmere has been serving the needs of the fashion industry since 1995. © Berkley Cashmere

“We produce luxury cashmere: we spin and stock yarns and can also provide knitted products such as designer sweaters, fashion accessories and home goods, as well as woven products such as blankets, throws and scarves utilizing our woolen spinning system yarns, especially in the production of 2/26 Nm, 2/40 Nm, and 3/72 Nm pure cashmere,” the company continues.

It sources sustainable raw materials from traditional producers within Inner Mongolia to ensure a reliable supply chain of selected de-haired products. Its well-established yarn spinning factory, which performs the inspecting, selecting, separating, scouring, carding, dyeing and spinning operations, is equipped with the latest and most technologically advanced Italian machinery to deliver A Grade cashmere yarns.

Capabilities and expertise

Berkley Cashmere’s fully automated production lines can reach an annual output of up to 1000 MT of pure cashmere yarn, and in-stock service programmes in various qualities are available on a 24/7/365 basis.

The exclusive sourcing of Inner Mongolian fibres, coupled with innovative Italian and Scottish spinning techniques, allow the company’s strategic partners to continuously stock over 350 yarn colours in various qualities to serve and accommodate customers with exemplary service. The company can also provide complete end-to-end OEM vertical production of luxury cashmere sweaters and other knitted and woven products to meet specific needs.

“There are over 300 naturally energy conserving, sustainable processes undertaken between our supplier’s Inner Mongolian goats, who graze the hilly fields of the Gobi Plains, through to the consumer’s perfected product, which is ultimately enjoyed,” the company explains.

Where to find Berkley Cashmere

“We make it easy for our customers by exhibiting our products at all the major international yarn fairs,” the company concludes. These include SPINEXPO, which takes place in Paris, New York and Shanghai, Premiere Vision Paris, and Texworld New York. The company also said it will be adding more industry trade fairs to its calendar to continuously expose its products to the market.

Berkley Cashmere also has Dealer Network Agents in 22 countries spanning the globe for personalised and local customer service.

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