Apocalyptic fascination. © Texworld

Texworld Paris’s artistic directors design, season after season, the trends and forums of the show. For the cold Autumn/Winter 2020-2021 season, they propose that we get rid of all schemes to build quickly and lightly, and rediscover the joy of believing in tomorrow, “to reenchant our way of seeing the future”.

Taking place from 16-19 September in Paris, Texworld, with around 1,000 exhibitors, offers professional buyers from all over the world a rich variety of products from basics to creative high-end fabrics of excellent quality. It is a must for manufacturers specialising in cotton, denim, drapery and tailoring, embroidery and lace, jacquard, knitted fabrics, linen and hemp, prints, shirting, silk, silky aspects, sportswear and functional fabrics, trims and accessories, wool and woolen materials.

Immemorial spell. © Texworld

Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, Texworld Art Directors committed to fashion and its industry, share their vision of tomorrow’s world “as it could – should – be”. The Reenchantment theme is coming soon and will design the Autumn/Winter 2020-2021 collections around four major themes.

Apocalyptic fascination

The first trend theme is called Apocalyptic fascination. “The apocalypse is beautiful. It has the colours of flames and the warmth of fire,” the artists explain. “But it also sparkles with the reflections of the water and is covered in the cold of the ice. Like a parenthesis. A moment of suspense. In balance between the end and the beginning. A meeting point between heat and cold, between matte and shiny.”

Immemorial spell

“Our history springs like a geyser. It explodes. Iridescent. It is warm and caring. She wears the colours of softness. Uncomplicated, it embraces all our facets. Magnifies them. It takes on the shape of an explosion. But not destructive. Like a flower that opens,” continue Texworld Art Directors, describing the theme called Immemorial spell.

Synthetic dazzle. © Texworld

Synthetic dazzle

No more subtle shades. Colours explode in the Synthetic dazzle theme. “They make everything more beautiful. So, we start by covering the fossils of our ancient civilisation with them. Our waste becomes a psychedelic piece of work. Our waste splashes like rainbows. The shapes and nature of the objects mix and twist. We just let our eyes be spellbound by beauty.”

Astral ecstasy. © Texworld

Astral ecstasy

Astral ecstasy explores the colour palette between the ground and the sky. “But there is no choice,” artists explain. “Our feet are anchored and our eyes are lifting us up. A past and a future. The dark colours of the depths. From the depths of the subsoil and the confines of the universe. But also, the bright colours of the light that makes people grow, that makes them dream, that proves that there is a source of life somewhere, even if our eyes are dazzled for the moment.”


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