A step towards circularity: new fibres from 100% textile waste

© The Lycra Company
© The Lycra Company

In case you missed the live version of The Lycra Company’s latest webinar – New Fibers from Textile Waste: A Starting Point for Circularity – you have the opportunity to view this webinar on-demand at your convenience.

This webinar, focused on Coolmax and Thermolite EcoMade fibres which are now being made from 100% textile waste, and included a discussion on how these new products are made and how they differ from existing products, the environmental impact and how this new technology can help you meet your sustainability goals.

Featured during this webinar are The Lycra Company’s Steve Stewart, Chief Innovation Officer; Jean Hegedus, Director of Sustainable Business Development; Huw Williams, Apparel Product Director, Specialty Polyester; and Karie Ford, Corporate Communications Director; as well as from Advanced Denim, Mark Ix, Director of North America Marketing.

Watch the video…


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