New Biella Yarn Collection Inspired by Travel


Südwolle Group, a leading producer of worsted yarn for weaving, circular and flat knitting in pure wool and wool blends, will be at Pitti Filati with the Biella Yarn and HF collections, showcasing the A/W 2020-2021 yarn qualities that take inspiration from the theme of travel.

“A unique opportunity for encounters, exchange, discoveries and reciprocal influences between individuals and cultures. The variety of landscapes, both natural and human, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, colours, feelings and shapes which is reflected in the yarn collections we create to clothe your daily life,” the company explains.

Biella Yarn collection

The new products for winter feature the finest wools, sometimes in blends with other natural fibres, for lightweight contemporary knitwear. The colour palette indulges prevailing trends with numerous shades of whites and beiges and an array of greys, from luminous ice tones to the darkest greys verging on black. Alongside these neutral and balanced hues there are flashes of bright colour in yellow, green-blue and turquoise. An exploration of warm autumnal colours ranges from a variety of different khakis, ochre, sand and hazelnut to intense dark browns.

Yarn cones. © Südwolle Group

In addition to the new yarns in 100% Merino Superfine (13.5 microns), ideal for exclusive soft, light garments, the collection also introduces an exquisite range of fine blends of Merinos and natural fibres such as camel (Gobi 2/30-2/16 and Atacama 2/30-2/48-2/60) and alpaca (Pisco 2/30-2/48-2/60 and Inca 2/16-3/16), whose heat-regulating properties enhance the intrinsic qualities of Merino wools.

Sustainable yarns in the Biella Yarn collection are designed to respond to various knitwear needs: Monsone 2/28 (100% recycled Merino wool), Maple 2/30-2/48 (60% Merino Extrafine, 19.5 μ, X-Care; 40% recycled polyester), Noli 2/30-2/48 (60% anti-shrinkage Merino Extrafine, 19.5 μ, 40% Amni Soul Eco biodegradable polyamide).

HF exclusive collection

The HF collection develops several themes, which exalt sustainable relationships with nature and the interplay between different styles and influences.

The world of Sartorial Knitting is full of soft, fluffy yarns in Merino Extrafine, creating draped shapes.

Fabric samples. © Südwolle Group

The Global theme explores exquisite and creative blends in precious natural fibres: the soft Alpaca 20000 in a soft blend with alpaca, the featherlight mohair Amore 10000 and the voluminous and fluffy Miele 21000.

Inclusive Luxury is the spirit of a range of exquisite and functional yarns created from superior quality fibres and processes. Warm, inviting shades abound: beiges, chalk-whites and brown mélanges emphasise the superiority of the fibres.

Life and Love explores lightweight and transparent yarns like Garza 2/80, Noblesse 10000 embellished by sequins, Apnea 50000 with the metallic sheen of steel/silk and Gemma, an iridescent and fluffy mohair twisted with a laminated thread.

Fabric samples. © Südwolle Group

The fancy yarns of the Eco-Fancy theme choose a design process with great awareness of environmental impact and sustainability. Pirenei Eco and Sogno Eco, for example, are made of 100% GOTS-certified merino wool, while Nodo is suitable for comfortable garments with a feeling of natural elasticity, thanks to the blend with a minimum amount of nylon.

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