Stoll’s latest trend collection, FASTER: From (CONCEPT) – To (STORE), is driven by the motto of its Fashion & Technology department ‘Design to Inspire’.

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“Contrary to best practice in the fashion industry, we encourage other companies to copy details from our Stoll Trend Collections and adapt them to their design work, focusing on style groups and price points. In the fashion industry, this is something of a rarity, as companies usually protect themselves from being copied. At Stoll Fashion & Technology, we see being copied as a reward,” Stoll comments.

© Stoll.

“Our collections are naturally very small compared to commercial collections, as we do not sell them. Instead of increasing the amount of styles, we rather enrich the content of every single piece with many technical and design features. That is why Stoll samples are typically content-rich. Every single item is like a Wikipedia for design and technical solutions and allows for a wide array of re-interpretation. In practice, one can read as many ideas out of a single piece as needed to create an entire knitwear collection.”

© Stoll.

“As proof of concept, we have illustrated how one can easily redesign Stoll samples from to create completely new pieces. From a technical point of view, they represent blueprints, as the programs and knitting technology already exist. This makes the design and development process much easier, and thus faster.”

“You will see how design decisions relate not only to aesthetics, but also knitting times. As the product development process starts from pre-existing technical and design solutions, this collection is also about sustainability. The number of material-intense iterations can be reduced, lowering costs and waste. Beyond that, the STOLL knitelligence tools allow for faster on-demand production and thus can replace slower bulk production.”

© Stoll.

“With FASTER: From (CONCEPT) – To (STORE) we have demonstrated how quick and easy it is to turn our concept designs into simplified products and extract details across gauges, graphics and shapes at lower price points.”

“Be inspired for faster prototyping,” the company concludes.

Family brand Stoll represents the Karl Mayer Group‘s expertise in the field of flat knitting technology. Since its foundation in 1873, Stoll has always been a reliable manufacturer of efficient flat knitting machines. Equipped with intelligent software solutions for patterning and production planning, such as knitelligence, today’s models open up new possibilities of digitalisation for the company’s customers. In addition, Stoll has made a name for itself as a constant and innovative trendsetter for the textile and clothing industry in the fields of fashion and technical textiles.

Stoll Trend Collection – FASTER: From(CONCEPT)–To(STORE)

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