Biella Yarn at Pitti Filati


Florence, Italy

Brand reveals Fall/Winter 2023/24 Dopamine Collection for knitwear.

Italy’s Biella Yarn, a Suedwolle Group brand, launched it new FW 2023/24 collection at last weekend’s Pitti Filati show in Florence. The brand collaborated with Netherlands based Knitwear Lab to create garments that showcase its latest yarns.

“Dopamine also known as the ‘happy hormone’ is a chemical messenger produced by the body to make you find things fascinating. The pursuit of happiness makes people do scary, brave, or straight up crazy things for that little shot of dopamine,” Biella Yarn explains.

“Let us make it easy for you. Enjoy your moment of happiness with yarn dopamine provided by our new collection. As inviting and delicious as a box of chocolates with little titbits of joy: the soft feel and texture of exclusive merino wools, the contemporary look and comfort produced by the evolution of technology adapting to the rhythm of today’s lifestyles, a bright new colour palette, and a sustainable production cycle with a special focus on people and the environment.”

Knitwear Lab

“For this Fall/Winter season we have cooperated with Knitwear Lab, Dutch Design and Development Centre, who worked with our yarns to create this small titbits of joy: a long dress and a jumper and pants. Victoria Nm 2/48 (100% Merino wool Extrafine, 19.5μ, anti-shrinkage) was used to create the dress,” a spokesperson for Biella Yarns said.

“The jumper was made out of Espresso Nm 2/30, (100% Merino wool Extrafine, natural brown, untreated) and knitted pants – out of Victoria Nm 2/30 (100% Merino wool Extrafine, 19.5μ, anti-shrinkage). For the dress and the jumper, a plating technique had been used to create great colour effects in the rib structure. For the pants Knitwear Lab has worked with the Stoll-weave-in knitting technique, providing a loom-like structure that gives the knitted fabrics the texture of a woven fabric.”

“The looks are complimented by two colourful pixel scarves, that mirror also our new stock service for Victoria RWS Nm 2/30, Nm 2/48 (100% Extrafine Merino wool, 19.5μ, anti-shrinkage) as a response to the growing demand for RWS certified yarns.”

Classic yarns continue to be the key to the collection for quality knitwear made of Superfine (15.5-17.5 microns) and Extrafine (19.5μ) Merino. Brisbane Nm 2/60 is also expanded with new stock service colours, while the collection is expanded with prestigious new superfine yarns like Somerton Nm 2/80 or Sherlock Nm 3/80 (100% Merino wool, 16.5μ, Total Easy Care) combining the exquisite touch and simple care together. On the opposite end of the superfine yarns is the new yarn Troyer Nm 2/13 (100% Wool, 30μ, Total Easy Care). Using course micron, the garments made of this yarn are perfect for outdoor adventures.

Yarn sustainability and traceability play an important role, reflecting the sensitivity and values that guide consumers’ conscious choices. The ‘Respect for Future’ collection presents a range of organic, certified and traceable yarns such as Genziana Nm 2/30 – 2/48 (100% 19.5μ Extrafine Merino GOTS, Naturetexx Plasma). Naturetexx Plasma treatment, a chlorine-free procedure that uses a combination of electricity and air to make merino wool garments easy to use in the daily life.

The OTW line of yarns employing Omega Twist technology, developed and patented by the Suedwolle Group, remains extremely popular. Ideal for elegant knitwear and refined taste, it ensures that yarns offer outstanding performance in terms of reduced pilling, clean, bright surfaces, a soft feel, elasticity and greater durability. New additions to the line include OTW® Agate (100% Merino wool Extrafine, 19.5μ, Total Easy Care).

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