PE20SS: Spazio Ricerca Looks at Sport, Far East & Subcultures



The Spazio Ricerca in the Salone M is Pitti Filati’s creative lab and experimental observatory where the trends for future seasons are launched.  Summer 2020 is all about sport, the Far East and sub-cultures: the much-anticipated Olympic Games in Japan will offer a strong boost to visual culture, the show’s organisers say.

National sports and ‘new’ sports – originating from the street and youth sub-cultures – such as surfing and skateboarding, will be included among the official Olympic sports for the first time.  “In the background we have Japan and its ancient culture suspended between tradition and innovation, between cultural mixtures and overlapping styles.  The focus is on inclusion and the world of young people, on the new sensitivity portrayed through hybrid stylistic codes,” Pitti Filati says.

For Pitti Filati 84, a unique exhibition and experimental project has been produced under the artistic direction of the fashion designer Angelo Figus and knitwear specialist Nicola Miller.  Layout is by Alessandro Moradei.

Special Projects

Two projects devised exclusively for Pitti Filati by fashion designer Angelo Figus are creatively linked to the themes of the Spazio Ricerca:

Techno-Luxury, matching noble and technical materials

Now that the matching of techno-materials and fine wools has cleared a path for itself in fashion, today experimentation in the yarn sector is aiming for the union, within the same garment, of even very superior fibres like cashmere and polyamide.

Pitti Filati expresses this trend through an exciting installation-event and a new product vision that showcases an Italian excellence in technical jersey, the Carvico group and Jersey Lomellina, already the partners of prestigious sports and fashion companies.  A project and an invitation to work together directed towards the best names in the production of technical materials curated by Angelo Figus with the layout by Alessandro Moradei.

CustomEASY, a knitwear capsule collection obtained from real production chain integration

The exploration of the Spazio Ricerca extends to a project that emphasizes the synergies between the various Pitti Filati players.  Initially the prerogative of denim and streetwear, today customization treatments are also very widespread in the luxury segment.

In CustomEasy the fair exhibitors’ top yarns will be transformed into knitted garments by the knitwear manufacturers in Knitclub and treated by INTEX, a leader in the dyeing and treatment industry.  The goal is a special collection of unique knits, the result of an authentic integration of the production chain that opens up the potential for infinite interpretations of the same yarn.  A project curated by Angelo Figus, Nicola Miller and Maurizio Brocchetto with the set-design by Alessandro Moradei.

Pitti Immagine Filati

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