A Journey into the Nuances of Italian Tradition


A Journey into the Nuances of Italian Tradition

Biella, Italy

Leading Italian spinner of knitwear yarns Zegna Baruffa, has released details of its Spring Summer 2020 Collections, which will be shown at the upcoming Pitti Filati at the Fortezza da basso in Florence from 23-25 January.

Here, the Biella based company talks about the new seasons yarns and colours.

“We live, breathe, design and create high quality like no one else, always inspired by that centuries-old tradition that is our very own: a combination of history, art, love for our land and passion.

That’s why our yarns are so special: because for us the excellence of true Made in Italy is above all a way of being, even before being a way of producing. An authentic, all-Italian way of looking at things, made up of commitment, pride and rigor in abundance. It is a feeling that traverses our country and that has always influenced us with its landscapes, with its food, with its creativity.

And since 1850 we have been giving it back every day in our manufacturing and in our colours, painting with light to create infinite shades and transform them into those precious yarns that have become a true benchmark all over the world. The truth that amazes. The “Made in Italy” that everyone envies us, because it brings with it the competence and artisan perfection that have rendered Made in Italy the international brand we all know.”

The Yarns

Refined Creativity

Noble, alive, creative. Clouds of lightness, undisputed protagonist is the silk that, combined with linen and cashmere, forms the basis for the creation of products of superlative quality able to adapt perfectly to the imagination of those who create them.

Elegant by Nature

Refined, silky, bright and silk blend. Wool meets silk and the brightness of both stands out, to give life to an elegant, light and soft yarn. A choice of absolute quality with exceptional characteristics, offering unparalleled tactile sensations.

Crossroads of Quality

Precious yarns, soft, pure, elegant, instinctively chic. The cashmere is dedicated to all those who love beauty and the silent elegance of a true work of art. Precious yarns in cashmere and silk with a fine, delicate taste, lending charm to all occasions.

Natural Forever

Summer classic, iconic, simple, durable, simply perfect in their utmost purity, yarns inspired by cult icons of the past can ennoble the surfaces of knitwear and give us an evergreen classic.

Comfortable Without Reservation

Fresh and crèpe, non-crease, non-deformable, eco-sustainable. Informal and sporty, natural and comfortable. Elastic yarns that follow the movements of the body, adapting perfectly to every need and giving maximum comfort to the wearer.

Ready for Everything

High performance yarns: waterproof, sporty streetwear, easy wear. Comfortable and versatile, water-resistant, stain-resistant and lightweight: yarns that loves sport and nature, an ideal companion for every adventure.

H2Dry – Class Resistance

Breathable, elastic, non-crease, total-easy-care. The yarns of the H2Dry line are a perfect synthesis of naturalness and technology, with aesthetic qualities of absolute excellence. Suitable for everyday activities, they are perfect for those looking for superior, high performing technical features.

K-wool H2dry
K-wool H2dry

Style is Quality

Finest wool, ultrafine, delicate, non-crease. Designed to stand out wherever you go, it is a very refined and elegant yarn, that guarantees unparalleled freedom of movement, ideal and comfortable for a journey.

Quality Forever

The classic yarns, light, soft, pure, pleasant to the touch. The perfect synthesis between technology and traditional methods of carding and spinning, to best express the evolution between the classic and the avant-garde.

Cashwool – The Most Authentic of Yarns and the World’s Most Imitated

A pure wool yarn, soft as cashmere and brilliant as silk. Born out of a meeting between experience, passion and technology, Cashwool is a real must for top of the range Italian made knitwear in the world. Cashwool:  Pure Italian Truth.

Pure Italian Truth. © Zegna Baruffa.

The Colours

Feel summer upon you. To be lived with all the freshness of linen and the softness of cotton. To be caressed and illuminated with the brilliance of silk. A summer to be pampered with the comfort brought by wool and cashmere. The material is no longer invented, but transformed. The soft, reassuring tones meet the sparkling tones of summer and embrace it in the name of glamour and lightness.

Zero Unisex – Authentically Different

The refined self-restraint of nuances becomes delicacy to be exhibited and dictates the new balances with which to dress our time.

Distinguished and refined, the look follows yesterday’s desire for slowness. In this scenario, discreet, clear-cut silhouettes move about with elegance, displaying the style of the ‘dolce vita’.

Living Green

A trending philosophy. The Nature-inspired mimetic greens, alongside natural, sophisticated tones, create a balance between the charm of a green streetwear style and an elegantly sumptuous denim.

Sweet and Sour Colours

The taste of being authentic. Taste and references to the flavours of the great Italian cuisine. “Vitaminic” effect polychromes with intense oranges, fiery yellows and ripe reds.

Colours that transmit vitality and energy to colour and experience a real summer.

Glamorous Abysses

Depths as true inspiration. Blue in all its forms: transparent, soft, intense, full or total.

Precious and rare blue, like the deepest abysses. It is the passe-partout colour: more delicate and softer than black, more vibrant than brown and the perfect match for unusual shades. A timeless elegance whispered and forthright, to be worn always.


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