Stoll launches Nocturno Trend Collection


Reutlingen, Germany

Flat knitting leader blends innovation with elegance in latest knitwear collection.

Leading flat knitting machine manufacturer Stoll has launched its latest trend collection, Nocturno. Crafted by the German company’s esteemed Fashion & Technology department in Reutlingen, Nocturno draws inspiration from the captivating facets of nocturnal life, seamlessly merging intimate wear with elegant styles.

The collection shows Stoll’s commitment to innovation and excellence in flat knitting, and with a keen focus on pushing the boundaries of knitting technology, Nocturno introduces a range of technical advancements, as follows:

– Gauge versatility: From the coarsest machine gauge E1.5,2 to E3,5.2, the all-rounder E7.2, E9.2, and the finest gauge E20, Nocturno demonstrates the versatility of Stoll’s flat knitting machinery, offering endless possibilities for creative expression regarding stitch size

– Innovative knitting techniques: By incorporating the latest knitting techniques such as FlexPly, Nocturno introduces new dimensions in texture and structure, setting new standards in knitwear design. It allows for lace-like optics and new draping capabilities to be achieved

-Redefining shapes: Showcasing the sustainable and resourceful capabilities of Stoll-knit and wear technology through seamless knitting, Nocturno presents a range of seamless products that redefine traditional knitwear shapes, offering a fresh perspective on garment construction

-Fashionable and functional ideas for Stoll-knitrobotic automation: Nocturno introduces fashionable and functional ideas for Stoll-knitrobotic®, presenting garments enhanced with integrated coloured mirrors to add a fashionable and standout detail to the product. Furthermore, it incorporates inserted magnets for a novel knitted-in closure approach, providing versatile wearing options

– AI in the creative process: Developments in artificial intelligence have already reached the fashion industry. The opportunities arising from this technology for Stoll customers have been highlighted by the Stoll design team, utilising current tools such as Midjourney and Adobe Firefly. Insights show that development times are shortened, primarily resulting from accelerated creation of artworks for knitting and visualisation of product ideas. As a representation of the collection’s imaginative approach, a poem was collaboratively created interactively with ChatGPT. The generative text result is incorporated into a hairband.

Join Stoll´s unveiling of Nocturno during ITM Turkey (4-8 June, Pitti Filati Italy (25-27 June) and ITMA Asia (10-18 October) to get inspired. Alternatively, the collection will be showcased in Stoll’s Fashion & Technology Showroom at the customer centre in Reutlingen from June 2024.

For more information about the collection, click here.

Concept: SSAW Studio

Photographer: Roman Goebel

Model: Aiya Sarbassova

Hair & Make-Up: Anna Neugebauer

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