Hemp apparel collection from Astral


Seattle, WA, USA

Made from mainly hemp, the new performance apparel line leads the industry away from petroleum-based fabrics.

Since 2002, Seattle based Astral has pioneered designing the highest-performing equipment with the priority of protecting soil and water resources through its production process. Today, the company proudly unveils its latest innovation in performance and sustainability with the introduction of its first hemp-based apparel collection.

Astral’s Performance Hemp line offers a plant-based, lower-impact alternative to petroleum-based activewear while still offering high-performing technical qualities.

Hemp is not a new material for Astral. The brand has been a leader in the shift away from petroleum-based ingredients in favour of nature-based and sustainable materials in its footwear for nearly a decade. Astral was initially drawn to hemp due to the fibre’s inherent performance properties and extraordinary sustainability traits, even compared to other regenerative or plant-based materials.

Hemp is grown with very little or no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, and only needs soil, water, and sun to grow. Requiring 79% less water to grow, hemp yields over double the amount of fibre than cotton while breaking down toxic material in the soil and absorbing more carbon dioxide per acre than any commercial crop or forest. This launch represents Astral’s commitment to growing its investment in hemp as a material and incorporating it more broadly into its existing collections of footwear and apparel.

“Technical fabrics have leaned more and more heavily on petroleum-based materials to achieve design and functionality goals. We simply do not think these practices are healthy for the planet or the person wearing it,“ explains Philip Curry, Founder and CEO of Astral.

“Hemp as a material and a crop is so often overlooked; it’s so rare to find a material that is actively good for the ecosystem while offering the unparalleled technical benefits that hemp does. It’s the perfect solution for us to uphold and expand our objectives of sustainability while exceeding the high standards we set for technical performance.“

Due to the performance qualities of hemp, Astral’s new apparel collection is naturally cooling, breathable, offers UPF sun protection, and extremely durable. Addressing one of the most common downsides of petroleum-based materials that often feature anti-microbial treatments, Astral’s Performance Hemp line is naturally odour-resistant.

Rather than breaking down with washing over time, the performance hemp clothing gets softer as it breaks in without sacrificing longevity. Astral’s Performance Hemp apparel is designed for active and outdoor use and will consist of hooded sweatshirts and shorts with three colour offerings for both men and women, respectively.

“Where many incorporate hemp as a minor ingredient in apparel, we wanted to go full bore in producing a true, majority-hemp product that would truly take advantage of the technical qualities and durability of the material,” said Daniel Windham, Astral’s Product Line Manager.

“Our goal was to make a technical product with regenerative materials that offers cooling properties, remains odour-resistant, and stands the test of time without breaking down as many treated polyesters are known to do.”

The Performance Hemp collection is exclusively available for purchase directly from Astral.


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