Yasmin Naqvi, a British knitwear designer, who founded her own brand under her name, is launching her new Autumn/Winter capsule collection to celebrate 25 years in business. Called Crossing Over, the latest collection will be presented at the Insula delle Rose design showroom tomorrow, amongst bathtubs and taps by the Venice Dance Project, bringing together design, dance, and fashion. The designer will also be launching her unisex Smart Gloves Collection for people who want to look smart.

“The term well-dressed has multi layered connotations, especially in today’s diverse world, where the concept of fashion is constantly changing and there are no fixed standard or norms,” said Ms Naqvi. “The message I want to convey through my Crossing Over collection and my dress style is that people from different cultures can cross over and co-exist.”

“The collection is comprised of balanced, refined looks that are simple, stylish and wearable. Luxury materials are all Made in Italy, and the designs are made by some of the best artisans.”

The new collection presents garments that focus on the details, functionality and shapes. © Yasmin Naqvi


The new collection presents garments that focus on the details, functionality and shapes, accentuating beauty. Unique pieces are constructed out of lines, shapes and colours that are both comfortable and visually appealing. The designer’s main objective was to address the gap in the market by creating simple and wearable looks for people who move a lot in their everyday life.

“The movement has, therefore, become the leitmotiv that helped create an everyday aesthetic with garments realised with precision and beauty,” Yasmin Naqvi says. The capsule collection, developed by the designer known for her knitwear creations, will be sold online, with pre-orders available in the coming months.

The capsule collection will be sold online. © Yasmin Naqvi

London born, Venician by heart

Yasmin Naqvi is a British luxury knitwear designer, who draws her inspirations from iconographic elements from different cultures. She creates capsule collections of contemporary timeless pieces using luxury fabrics, cut and colour combinations.

The designer is known for her cool luxury knits and products with a twist. Yasmin founded the brand under her name back in the early 1990’s, which is now based in the heart of the Italian fashion manufacturing hub. The brand promotes knits and contemporary classic products in the neo luxury sector and is partner for many top international brands in Paris, New York, Milan and Japan.


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