Summit explores material innovators’ scale-up journeys



Review of the recently held Sustainable Alternative and Bio-Based Materials Digital Summit.

Following on from last year’s Sustainable Alternative and Bio-Based Materials summit, which showcased an extensive range of material innovations, this year’s event caught up with some of the start-ups to focus on the challenging journey from concept to commercialisation.

Alternative and bio-based material innovation

Bio-based materials are often categorised by the way they are manufactured, or the type of feedstock utilised. Manufacture can include the adaption of existing processes and technologies or requires the development of an entirely new process. In terms of raw material inputs, we have seen a significant expansion of feedstock types, ranging from algae and plant-based fibres, mycelium, microbe-derived materials and cultivated animal cells to regenerated and recycled waste materials.

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Anne Prahl is an independent design professional with extensive experience in the sports and fashion industry and specialises in design-driven sustainable innovation to improve resource efficiency and enable more considered consumption. Her projects involve design research and writing, trend forecasting and analysis, creative direction and product design and development, as well as inspiring others through motivational talks and tailor-made workshops & training.