Less bad is not good enough


Companies who fail to tackle climate change are “failing humanity” and heading to the “graveyard of dinosaurs”, former Unilever CEO Paul Polman warned in his annual lecture at the World Retail Congress in Rome, Italy, on August 6th.

Singling out the food and fashion industries, he said society had reached a tipping point and the cost of inaction was far higher than the cost of action – something firms would ignore at their peril.

Standing for change

“Consumers are demanding change, especially Millennials and Gen Z,” he told delegates, “they want to buy from brands that stand for something and they are willing to pay more for it. They will also choose to work for more responsible employers so companies would be well served to focus on their people and take action at the level that is needed.

“The ones that don’t I think are already heading to the graveyard of dinosaurs.”

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