Revisiting Materials and Paddings at SPINEXPO


The upcoming 34th session of SPINEXPO Shanghai, which has been held in China for over 20 years and is the global flagship event for spinners and knitwear manufacturers, will take place from 3-5 September at the World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre – Shanghai.

The event is aimed at knitwear brands, flat-bed and circular knit manufacturers, weavers, sporting goods manufacturers, hand-knitting wool distributors and all yarn and knitwear users. The exceptional machinery at their disposal allows exhibitors to showcase technically innovative collections each season, thanks to a partnership between machine manufacturers, spinners and knitwear and sporting goods manufacturers that is stronger than ever.


This edition will explore the topic of Refuge: revisiting materials and paddings. “Refuge speaks of vintage and neutrality – reshaping and breaking the mould, accepting diversity, ethnical and sustainable development,” organisers report.

The traditional raw materials and new materials are reinventing themselves by integrating plastic. An unfinished look to fit the concept of recycling-contrasting materials with grainy, plant-like textures and blends or natural and high-tech fibres.


Paper yarns, linen yarns, heather yarns, natural fibres combined with synthetic fibres, all the combinations merge to create a range of surface finishes, a selection of resolutely trans-seasonal products. Polyesters and nylons become the foundation for new blends with other fibres.


Urban protection, mixing sharp and opaque lines, lightweight and close-fitting padding. Small patterns and pointillist, abstract and monochrome motifs, mixing the abstract and the kitsch, combining mini-stripes and geometric designs. An impression of imperfection is created by the grainy, creased surface finishes for products that are simple, but still appear sophisticated.

Soft wools and cashmeres together with thermoplastic settings and 3D finishing create textures, which blend comfort and durability. Padding and blistered patterns are knitted with finishes that have been developed to be used as outerwear, alluding to the idea of fabrics for survival and protection. Colours are bold, with intense depth and intrigue. Yarns are fine to mid-weight, fine stretch wools mix with high-tech stretches and ultra-light weight sheens.

In activewear, this part of the trends is about reshaping textiles and creating new manufacturing and creative techniques. Leftover materials from the garment creation process can be upcycled, taking sustainability to a new level.

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