Ones to Watch – Ellie Eves, Glasgow School of Art

Materials artist Ellie Eves graduates this year from Glasgow School of Art. Her collection ‘Softly Structured’ follows the journey of the fusion of unorthodox found materials with traditional knitting techniques to create unusual and exciting new material textures.
 ‘I wanted to use the unusual materials collected throughout the process in the final knitted samples. The project developed, finding ways to fuse together unusual materials and equally interesting knitting techniques. A lot of the work was done in the 3D workshops, using the laser cutters, vacuum formers and plastic casting facilities.’
Juxtaposing textiles merge together in an editorial shoot in the greenhouses at the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow. Delicate greenery meets unusual synthetic textiles. The playful approach to the styling and photography stages of the project are carried through into the final outcomes, creating a body of tactile and subtly textured knitted samples. The final samples are a mixture of subtly padded knitted samples and silicone rubber moulded and printed knits.

‘I am interested in the juxtaposition of different material textures and hybrid of different material qualities. Unusual material combinations such as soft merino wool and rubber silicone create a confusing hybrid textile, which evokes mixed feelings of confusion and comfort.’

The yarns are a mixture of soft breathable merino wool, organic cottons, and soft viscose fibres. Some of the samples include light padding, which gives them interesting surface qualities which lend themselves to sportswear or padded interiors. The samples are tonally coloured so not to lose focus on the material texture and patterns.

The collection is intended to be picked up, played and interacted with, so the viewer can discover the unusual combinations created between very different materials. The collection should evoke feelings of confusion, satisfaction, comfort and discomfort.

Ellie Eves will be covering this years New Designers exhibition for Knitting Industry Creative later this month.

Photography & Styling: Ellie Eves

Model: Hannah Carter

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