Netherlands based Knitwear Lab is running a new series of knitwear courses, commencing in December this year and running into next summer. Dates are 14-19 December, 19-24 April 2020 and 5-10 July 2021.

“We will do our 6 day ‘crash course’ programming and knitting on the M1plus and the Stoll ADF and 530HP machines. Of course, it is COVID proof,” says Knitwear Lab founder Thijs Verhaar.


Knitwear Lab is also running a series of event on Instagram. “Join us this 12 Thursday November for the first of four exciting Instastories by Knitwear Lab @knitwearlab,” Thijs Verhaar enthuses.

Created especially for designers and knitters, Knitwear Lab highlights the beauty and innovation of knitwear techniques and gives you a tour through its recently extended Lab. “Of course, we will inform you on our new Knitwear courses and share our love for industrial knitwear,” Thijs Verhaar adds.

Save the dates:

  • 12 November, 16:00-17:00 – (30min/60min) – About the Lab / Knitting possibilities
  • 19 November, 16:00-17:00 – (30min/60min) – About the Lab / Knitting possibilities (continued.)
  • 26 November, 16:00-17:00 – (30min/60min) – About the Lab / Knitting possibilities (continued.)
  • 3 December 2020, 16:00-17:00 – (30min/60min) – Recycling and Sustainability in Knitwear

“In a virtual tour during this CORONA period Knitwear Lab will give a view of their lab, close-ups of the machines, explain about knitting possibilities, feature interviews with programmers and previews of their beautiful samples on their Instagram stories,” Thijs Verhaar explains.

“This is something to get excited about if you are freelancer or brand / company interested in getting to know more about knitwear and its application, especially if you want to create unique products on industrial flatbed knitting machines for your collections. It does give you a taste on our coming Knitwear Courses.”

© Knitwear Lab.
© Knitwear Lab.

Knitwear Lab develops smart technological applications for knitwear. Its knitwear specialists combine material research with the latest knitwear technologies. The combination of technological innovation and a design-driven perspective is what makes Knitwear Lab truly unique, according to Thijs Verhaar.

“We are always available to discuss ideas and explore ways of realising ideas,” he concludes. “No need to register, just add them on Instagram and see you on Thursdays for their instastories! @Knitwearlab.”

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