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With their knitted textile series, Brazilian artist Enorê materialises the idea that data influences the spaces we inhabit.

Brazilian artist Enorê worked together with Amsterdam based Knitwear Lab on a series of knitted wall hangings, which was a work commissioned by Meta Open Arts for their new office space.

The artwork is a continuation of Enorê’s research into traditional craft techniques aided by digital technology, which resulted in knitted textiles, along with 3D-printed ceramics. The artist questions how data can be processed and manipulated in different ways, highlighting the similarities between processing information through digital technology and physical embodiment.

Enorê offers an insight into this thought through the intricately designed knitted textile pieces. The series of wall hangings was developed and produced by Knitwear Lab entirely out of merino wool, with use of jacquard knitting technique.

Design | Enorê || Insta: @capirotices

Commissioner Meta Open Arts || Insta: @metaopenarts

Photography | Meta Open Arts || Insta: @metaopenarts

Knitwear development | Evgeniya Dolgopolova at Knitwear Lab


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