Knitwear Lab hosts in-house Yarn Show

Creative team and furry friends at the Netherlands’ Knitwear Lab. © Knitwear Lab.
Creative team and furry friends at the Netherlands’ Knitwear Lab. © Knitwear Lab.

The COVID safe exhibition will showcase the latest collections from some of Europe’s leading spinners of knitwear yarns.

Almere, Netherlands based Knitwear Lab is hosting Lynn Hinkelmann and Peter Wissmann to create its own small ‘Pitti Filati’ yarn show, on Tuesday 30 March. Peter and Lynn will present the following yarn collections in a corona virus safe environment:

Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia S.p.A. / Botto Poala / Chiavazza

Highest quality combed and carded yarns, big stock service programs in – 100 % Merino extra fine &

– 100 % Cashmere,

– highest quality and noble hair mix

Emilcotoni S.p.A.

– 100 % cotton / stock service,

– mercerised and gazed cotton yarns and mix, finest cotton qualities worldwide

Schoeller Spinning Group

– Functional yarns, Basic 100% Merino and Wool Yarns for Felting, Gots, Organic Chlorine free Machine washable qualities

Marchi & Fildi / Filidea

– Commercially basic qualities,

– Classic mix yarns with stock service – GRS, GOTS

ISY / TDD Torcitura di Domaso

– high quality and modern fancy Yarns – Lamé-Effect-yarns

Best Shan

– Fancy Yarns made in china

– Specialist in Paperyarns, Tape yarns


– Fancy yarns, and Stockservice in Cashmere blends, GOTS, GRS


– Finest Cashmere / Cashmerblends – Stockservice

© Knitwear Lab.
© Knitwear Lab.

COFIL, Italy

– basic and fancy (multicolor yarns) / bouclé-yarns – for 3-5-7-12 gg, several stock-service- qualities + good availability of yarns for the qualities, which are not in stock. Cotton, Viscose, Lyocell/Tencel, Acrylic-Mixtures…


– high quality wool and Cotton, Linen, Viscose- and Viscose-Crepe, Kid-Mohair- and Babyalpaca-yarns for 3 – 18 gg


– high quality cotton yarns (some organic/GOTS), supersoft, zero pilling, Crèpe, some are gassed + mercerized (filoscozia) + different blends (with Silk and Cashmere), many stock- qualities for 3 – 18 gg

CARIAGGI Lanificio, Italy

– 100 % Cashmere (carded yarn) in Nm. 28/2 (about 180 stock-colors, fiber-dyed, available starting from 1kg!) 100% Cashmere (carded yarn) in Nm 3.200 also fancy- yarns in addition big stock programs of worsted yarns yarns for 3-18 gg


– Carded-Yarns made of 100% natural fibers (Wool, Cashmere, Alpaca, Silk) big stock service programs yarns for 3-18 gg

– + worsted yarns

“Of course, you are very welcome during your visit to have a look at Knitwear Lab and their products too,” says Knitwear Lab co-founder, Cherish Brouwer. “Looking forward to see you coming Tuesday.”

“Because of Covid-19 we ask you to let us know upfront what time you would like to visit us at Knitwear Lab, so we can arrange a time slot for you.”

Please contact Gaia Liesdek at [email protected] to schedule an appointment between 9:00 – 17:00.

The exhibition will take place at: KNITWEAR LAB

Josephine Bakerstraat 81

1311 GC Almere, The Netherlands.

Knitwear Lab Website

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