Salon International de la Lingerie Commits to Environment

Salon International de la Lingerie and Interfilière Paris will be coming together to give to breast cancer research. © Salon International de la Lingerie

This year, the Salon International de la Lingerie makes a commitment to the environment, supporting initiatives from established or emerging designers who are leading the way toward more conscious, sustainable consumption. The show will open its doors from  January at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.

The fashion show will include a panel of models representing all body types. © Salon International de la Lingerie

For Eurovet, it is a matter of corporate responsibility to commit itself, as a trade show organiser, to reducing its waste output by favouring recycled materials and behaving in a manner that is consistent with this approach.

“This high standard is always, and more than ever, accompanied by a desire to show women as they truly are, beautifully diverse, proud of their unique qualities, real in all their contradictions, multifaceted, and singular,” organisers add. “For Eurovet, going to the essence of things means taking a stand as key players in a society in dire need of activism and commitment.”

Commitment to solidarity

Considering that breast cancer is the most widespread form of the illness among women, Salon International de la Lingerie and Interfilière Paris will be coming together to give to research.

The ARC Foundation is exclusively financed by the generosity of public donations; only the support of its donors allows it to conduct its mission to support research. As part of Eurovet’s solidarity initiative, for each badge purchased for the show, EUR 1 will be donated to the ARC Foundation, to benefit breast cancer research.

Must-see events

Organic is a new, hybrid space, which will offer an inspiring experience, revealing those who are moving the industry forward, designers focused on a gentle environmental footprint using more eco-friendly materials and more sustainable packaging.

Organic hybrid space will focus on designers using more eco-friendly materials. © Salon International de la Lingerie

Millennials is a new area dedicated to brands designed for an uber-connected generation that’s intuitive and inventive. The show’s collaboration with the Im-perfection agency (specialised in consulting, data, training, and brand purpose) will create a number of specific initiatives bolstering the show’s inclusive approach, with a colour-range assessment through draping and a fitting-room workshop, offering improved understanding and enhancement of all body types.

Right from the entrance, the show’s ‘concept store’ Mint will present diverse, innovative, and promising brands, a full range of addon products for lingerie that you simply must see.

Exposed is the alternative event that brings together a cutting-edge selection of lingerie, beauty, and accessories. This is an assortment offering a new interpretation of style within a cosy setting designed to inspire.

Eurovet believes in real women. © Salon International de la Lingerie

Un défilé au glamour inclusif

“Far from tired, old stereotypes, Eurovet, believes in real women, women who have thrown off the chains of style dictates…or who are on their way there. It’s in this spirit that the show becomes ever more inclusive, with materials and collections that are evolving to create lingerie focused on uniqueness and diversity, adapted to each and every personality,” organisers conclude.

“And so, the fashion show will include a panel of models representing all body types, since designers have been encouraged to submit prototypes in all sizes. This is a small revolution that reveals an unflinching commitment to this beautiful industry called lingerie.”

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