Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey is renewing its collaboration with Politecnico di Milano by assigning a new concept to the 2017-18 workshop. The City Runner project is focusing on technical and functional outfits for a frenetic lifestyle in a dynamic urban scenario.

With the quality and versatility of its Sensitive Fabrics, Eurojersey, a leading Italian producer of warp-knit fabrics, offers a perfect blend of technical-sports performance and good looks. The combination of muscular support, unrestricted movement and shape retention offered by the fabrics aims to provide the ideal solution for an urban-chic style tailor-made for the everyday requirements of a contemporary lifestyle.

Multi-layered looks

The workshop project involved 52 students of Politecnico di Milano – Fashion Design Bachelor’s Degree – and focused on the creation of a mood board dedicated to The City Runner theme. “A perfect analysis of urban chaos combined with the representation of stylistic research has enabled those involved to focus their attention exclusively on technical outerwear with and to prioritise the high-performing features of Sensitive Fabrics,” the company explains.

No wasted time by Matteo Carnesella
No wasted time by Matteo Carnesella. © Eurojersey

The students have drawn inspiration from frenetic city life with its rapid pace and flexible outlook, and the infinite shades of grey recalling the smog, the intense beams emitted by skyscrapers or the reflected light of the underground railway. Endless sources of inspiration for ergonomically styled and compactly designed solutions, which have increased the production of garments endowed with wearable technology and, above all, are able to address any context and weather condition in perfect metropolitan style.

Ten finalists have elaborated The City Runner, with multi-layered looks and modern colour-blocks, for outfits that bring an on-trend sporty look to an urban setting. At the end, the three winning projects – Spiritus by Massimiliano Bello, No wasted time by Matteo Carnesella and Light zone by Raffaele Maggi – were presented in a look book enhanced by pictures taken by the students themselves.


Technology and functionality, the spirit of Massimiliano’s project is encapsulated in a technical jacket made up in Sensitive Plus Membrana fabric and Sensitive Classic. Punch-out with metallic finish, and an internal personalised print on Sensitive Grace recalling the geometric profile traced by skyscrapers.

Spiritus by Massimiliano Bello
Spiritus by Massimiliano Bello. © Eurojersey

With a drawstring waistband for a parka effect and unisex adaptability, the jacket is complete with fully heat-sealed and coated internal pockets with zip fastener, containing an anti-smog mask ready for use in a breathlessly frenetic city. Hence the chosen colour palette: from contrasting black and white to endless shades of grey, brusquely interrupted by the intense light beams of skyscrapers by night.

No wasted time

From smog grey to the lights reflected by the underground railway – a city that lives at top speed. Its inhabitants are agile and move rapidly from underground to street level. This urban mobility has inspired the practical and functional waterproof jacket in Sensitive Plus Bonded Thor fabric, with its reflective cat eye trims created by a print reproducing the Milan underground map. Protection, ergonomics and wearable technology enabled by the QR-code link that connects its wearer to the official website of Milan’s city and suburban transport network, enabling him to find his way around town, without wasting time.

Light zone

Raffaele has chosen to focus on Milan by night, characterised by its new skyscrapers with their luminous profiles and graphic effects, by designing a symbolic skyline of Milanese modernity. Rounded in shape, his fully zippered bomber jacket in Sensitive Classic Bonded blue fabric has heat-sealed raw-cut collar, cuffs and wide decorative band at waist level.

Light zone by Raffaele Maggi
Light zone by Raffaele Maggi. © Eurojersey

Versatility and adaptability to every type of situation, whenever there is a need to be clearly visible: such are the characteristics defining the profile of Milan’s most impacting buildings. Produced thanks to the positioned laser cut appliqué technique using a contrasting grey Sensitive Classic fabric, they match the graphic design that continues on the sleeve, a heartbeat line in glossy taping.

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