Disruption and Recycling at SPINEXPO


The upcoming 34th session of SPINEXPO Shanghai, which has been held in China for over 20 years and is the global flagship event for spinners and knitwear manufacturers, will take place from 3-5 September at the World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre – Shanghai.

The event is aimed at knitwear brands, flat-bed and circular knit manufacturers, weavers, sporting goods manufacturers, hand-knitting wool distributors and all yarn and knitwear users. The exceptional machinery at their disposal allows exhibitors to showcase technically innovative collections each season, thanks to a partnership between machine manufacturers, spinners and knitwear and sporting goods manufacturers that is stronger than ever.

This edition will explore the topic of disruption: recycling colours and stitches. The focus will be on a mix of different styles inspired by a-modern-day rural nomadism, a hodgepodge of combinations, multicultural details and different forms, a desire for daily protection that allows us to live our day-to-day lives.


“Fine or coarse, assemble/separate/connect/include synthetic yarns to conserve natural resources, but also take a visual graphic approach that is unusual, different from a formal style,” organisers say.

“New optical designs of fragmented and complex checks patterns on knits and wovens, rhythmic contrasts and disorderly and energetic, decorative and extravagant transformations to create a contemporary and experimental mood in colour and fibre combinations that are unusual, retro-modern, inspired by rituals from elsewhere.”

“The weave techniques used in this collection are based on the principle of lenticular printing. Woven pleats show a different pattern on each side and background, techniques, such as blocks and pleats are used together.”


“The focus is on colour and visual effects using high-quality wools that can be felted and brushed.”

Brushed mohair and felted wools mixed with low melt nylon and polyester suggest new uses for these traditional fabrics. Jacquards are heat pressed and brushed, Fairisles are needle punched and patterns dissolved. Colours are clashing, unexpected and layered, working both on and off the machine.

Yarns are selected to compliment the techniques used. Fine weight merino wools and extra fine kid mohair contrast with clean stretch viscose; hairy yarns for brushing and airy fibres for needle punching and work across weights from fine to heavy.


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