Color in Knitting collection by Stoll


Reutlingen, Germany

A colourful world of flat knits showcased in the company’s latest collection and a brand-new book.

Leading flat knitting machine manufacturer Stoll has launched its latest trend collection ‘Color in Knitting’ – a rich source of inspiration and knitting know-how. The collection showcases a range of exciting knitting techniques that were ideated for novel super fine machine gauges such as the new Stoll E20 gauge.

© Karl Mayer Stoll
© Karl Mayer Stoll

Sustainability and responsible handling of precious natural resources were key factors driving the development of the latest trend collection. Stoll-knit and wear, a technique used for seamless knitted garments, can play a significant role in reducing waste. In addition, fewer process steps are required in the production chain – with advantages for production efficiency.

© Karl Mayer Stoll
© Karl Mayer Stoll

In another highlight of Color in Knitting, Stoll’s creatives have worked on imitating different yarn effects with knitting technology such as slub yarn optics or the simulation of fabrics like crepe de chine/crepe georgette. The results are said to be impressive.

Speeding up the design process

In the collection Stoll reveals its internal design workflow, showcasing how digital software tools can speed up the design process. Through the utilisation of Stoll’s jointly developed design software solution, k.innovation Create Design, in collaboration with KM.ON, the shape and structures of a garment, can be digitally created, allowing for its simulation before it is even knitted.

The interfaces to various external 3D software tools, allow for a realistic representation of the garment facilitating faster design decisions. Once the virtual knits, made in the Create Design software are ready for manufacturing, it will be sent to a knitting technician for further processing in k.innovation Create Plus. This significantly speeds up product development while reducing communication issues between designers and technicians.

For Stoll’s 150th anniversary, Color in Knitting also features a selection of vintage pattern replicates from Stoll’s extensive sample archives in Reutlingen. The vintage fabric constructions can still be replicated today and also reinvented with today’s cutting-edge machine features. The approach showcases the statospheric progression of technical advancements over the past 150 years.

© Karl Mayer Stoll
© Karl Mayer Stoll

Color in Knitting: By Designers, for Designers

Stoll’s latest trend collection culminates in the creation of another invaluable resource – the book ‘Color in Knitting: By Designers, for Designers’. The book’s authors are Stoll’s Head of Fashion & Technology Jörg Hartmann and Anna Gitelson-Kahn, Associate Professor at Rhode Island School of Design.

© Karl Mayer Stoll

Color in Knitting: By Designers, for Designers delves into the methods of constructing multicolour knits using knitting structures, techniques, and technologies. The book not only showcases the beauty of multicolour knitwear but also provides a solid foundation for readers to further explore and manipulate these methods for their own design work.

The book begins with a colour journey of fascinating patterns, designed and implemented by Stoll from both past decades and recent collections, which illustrate the different colour effects of multicolour knitting. In the second part of the book, the authors provide insight into the specific structures and techniques used to create these patterns; the section also includes stitch diagrams written using basic knitting symbols to further elucidate the construction of a knit.

The book was published in collaboration with Arnoldsche Verlagsanstalt GmbH and can be purchased by following this link.

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