3D knitting in innovative office furniture

© Shima Seiki | Haworth

Holland, MI, USA

How Shima Seiki’s WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology is used for the development of digitally knitted chair fabrics at Haworth.

Haworth Inc. is an office furniture manufacturer based in Holland, Michigan, USA. At Haworth material expertise is combined with digital knitting to produce comfortable and attractive, ergonomically functional products.

This video shows how Shima Seiki’s design system and WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine are used in innovative product development at Haworth. WHOLEGARMENT is the world’s first seam-free knitwear that is produced on Shima Seiki’s WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine. WHOLEGARMENT products are knit in three dimensions without seams, offering unprecedented benefits.

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Haworth Digital Knits


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