Tiziano Guardini Brings Filmar Eco Cotton to the Catwalk


Having been awarded the Franca Sozzani GCC Award for Best Emerging Designer and the Peta Couture Award with his Spring Summer 2018 collection, eco-focused designer Tiziano Guardini presented his Autumn Winter 18 collection as part of ‘The Next Green Talent’  project, run by Vogue and Yoox. 

Taking inspiration from William Blake, ‘Great things are done when men and mountains meet’, Tiziano’s Autumn Winter 18 collection tells a story of the relationship and unions between mankind and the natural environment. Tiziano Guardini centres his cruelty-free and environmentally-respectful philosophy at the heart of his collections, partnering with manufacturers and mills who share the same ethos.

Tiziano Guardini sock
Photo credit: Federica Borgato

‘Nowadays the true luxury is the chance to live in harmony with life in our modern times and to look at the future with hope and serenity and this is the path that Tiziano Guardini is following through his work.’

It is therefore no surprise that Tiziano has partnered with innovative and eco-aware cotton mill, Filmar, using their organic Egyptian cotton ‘Nilo’ for his AW18 sporty pointelle knee socks. As part of the Cottonforlife initiative, ‘Nilo’ is produced in a way that supports and promotes the cultivation of Egyptian organic cotton.

Tiziano Guardini sock
Photo credit: Federica Borgato

The Nilo cotton socks are paired with an innovative shoe sock, made exclusively for Tiziano Guardini. Created in collaboration with circular knitter Santoni and tech synthetic fibre mill, Fulgar – read our article on this product on our parent site Knitting Industry here.

Read the full press release for Tiziano Guardini’s AW18 collection below.

‘Over 40 pieces that reflect the most intimate soul of the designer, and which are the outcome of thorough research, study and experimentation to put into practice his cruelty-free philosophy of life and respect for the environment, in cooperation with companies that share his sustainable concept of life. Of all the items that make up his fashion collection stand out the 20 pieces in eco-denim realized thanks to the participation of Isko with their fabrics collection Earth Fit, garments that were granted the Nordic Swam Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel certifications. The re-elaboration of these fabrics has led to garments that can show at times that couture-like touch given by the softness of organza, thanks to the use of innovative technologies. Always in eco-denim were also created some truly irreverent “eco furs”. Tiziano Guardini reaffirms once and again his love for a non-violent silk, a silk that, unlike the traditional one, allows chrysalis to go through their last evolutive stage of butterfly, hence the organza, chiffon and crepe cloths chosen are created according to this philosophy that celebrates the sacredness of life. All this is matched by a series of practical and comfortable coats ideal for everyday life, enwrapping this muse enrobed in a regenerated wool by the bright and vivid colors. The colour palette is a hymn to joy, a joy expressed above all in the checked fabrics that at times appear to have been “nonchalantly” sprayed with orange and pink flou colours. The technological fabrics and accessories, as bottons, come from the recycling of the nylon polymer of fishing nets and from the plastic objects littering the sea, inside the framework of a program of sea cleaning. Tiziano Guardini, who has won the Franca Sozzani GCC Award for Best Emerging Designer, dedicates his collection to his victory at the Scala Theatre.’


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