Technology disruptors collaborate on 3D visualizer and design lab

TUKA3D helps create stunning presentations to showcase 3D fit life-like digital collections. ©Tukatech
TUKA3D helps create stunning presentations to showcase 3D fit life-like digital collections. ©Tukatech

Tukatech and Sowtex, two technology disruptors in the textile and apparel industry, are collaborating to offer a 3D visualizer and design lab resource solution that will dramatically trim the designing and sampling process timelines. This is the world’s first digital platform where everyone in the supply chain collaborates with real data, Los Angeles based Tukatech reports. The announcement comes amid Covid-19 complications and restrictions bearing down on textile, fashion, and garment supply chains.

Set for an all-Asia online launch at 7 pm IST tomorrow (8 July), the one-of-a-kind technology solution will, “reduce sampling turnaround time from weeks to hours,” according to Sowtex founder Sonil Jain. He says the process allows the user to design, develop, approve, show, sell and then make the product.

“The Sowtex Design Lab – comprising life-like digital swatches of 10,000+ global textile manufacturers – will combine Tukatech’s 3D Visualizer to enable designers, garment manufacturers, fashion brands, fabrics and trim manufacturers, and stockists to make design and sampling processes quick and easy,” Mr. Jain added.

“We are grateful to partner on disruptive technologists and innovative solutions with Sowtex for companies in the Asian region,” says Ram Sareen, the founder of Los Angeles-based Tukatech, a company spanning six continents and 42 countries.

Mr. Sareen, a long-time fashion waste crusader, also pointed out that the Sowtex-Tukatech alliance will lessen the enormous amounts of wastage during the sampling process. “Since the industry’s average adoption rate is around 15%, a large number of physical samples end up in the landfill,” he explains.

Sowtex’s material catalogue provides textile suppliers access to thousands of online trims and fabrics and a wide array of pantone colours at their fingertips, which will enhance and accelerate the design development process.

These high-quality images represent physical materials, so that after approval designers can order the same and achieve the exact same look in real life production.

Users can utilize Tukatech’s library of ready-made 3D garments, or find the model they want to design for, then shop styles made to fit that model.

TUKA3D Designer Edition users visualize fabrics and trims in 2D/3D garments before making a physical sample. Moreover, its true-to-life technology will enable easy design development, fit and growth, thereby reducing wastage during the sampling process. When ready to go to production, users can purchase the 2D CAD pattern for the style for only $5.

The pivot from physical to online sampling is set to change the rules of engagement in the textile industry. Early adopters of this technology would be able to sidestep manufacturing resources and infrastructure as design development, shipment risks, sampling and iterations between the buyer and the seller can all be done online, according to Tukatech.

Based in Gurgaon, India, Sowtex is among Asia’s fastest-growing B2B marketplace. Awarded the Startup of the Year in 2020 by Silicon India, the tech aggregator platform has 10,000+ verified buyers and sellers and offers smart tools and IOT solutions for discovery of designs, ready stock, lead generation, among others.

Tukatech was founded in 1995 with the objective to have pattern makers create patterns digitally on the computer. Tukatech is an influential fashion technology company known worldwide for innovative solutions and superior technical support. It is a leading provider of fashion design software (2D CAD), virtual product development (3D virtual sampling and fit with real-time motion simulation), cloud collaboration, an advanced marker making system, and cutting room machinery for garment manufacturing.

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