Sensil Premium Nylon 6.6 at Intertextile Shanghai


Nilit, a leading manufacturer and marketer of nylon textile fibres, continues to introduce Sensil, its new premium Nylon 6.6 brand, to the apparel industry at Intertextile Shanghai, which takes place from 11-13 October.

The company will feature a Sensil fabric and garment collection that illustrates why Sensil is the smarter choice for today’s quality- and style-conscious young consumers. Celebration!, the latest Sensil trend report for Spring/Summer 2019, will be available at the booth as well. On the opening day of the show, Nilit will present a seminar to share some of the consumer and retail market information that led to the creation of the Sensil brand.

“The response to our new Sensil premium Nylon 6.6 has been overwhelmingly positive,” commented Pierluigi Berardi, Nilit Global Marketing Director. “Apparel and fabric designers are thrilled not only with the remarkable Sensil premium Nylon 6.6 performance and fashion yarns we have crafted, but also with the exciting new way we are talking about Sensil with brands, retailers, and consumers.”

Analysing consumer attitudes

Sensil was created based on extensive analysis of evolving consumer attitudes and rapidly shifting retail shopping trends and, with its launch this summer, rapidly elevated the quality standard for Nylon 6.6, the company reports. Sensil aims to represent Nilit’s new way to convey the benefits of its premium Nylon 6.6 products to the industry and to busy consumers looking for beautiful apparel that also meets their high expectations for value, performance, and quality.

Nilit’s North American Marketing Manager, Molly Kremidas, will share an overview of these important industry dynamics that influenced the creation of Sensil in her presentation on 11 October. Shifting Consumer Trends and Their Impact on Retail: What You Can Do to Survive and Thrive in This New Normal will be presented in English with Mandarin interpretation at the National Exhibition and Convention Center.

Additional attributes

At its booth, Nilit will feature knit and woven garments inspired by Sensil premium Nylon 6.6 products. Designed in response to consumer demands for high quality apparel that offers superior fit, comfort, and performance, these creations aim to demonstrate the significant benefits that Sensil offers.

Sensil is said to be naturally softer, stronger, more durable, and more moisture-wicking and odour-resistant than other man-made fibres. Sensil creates fabrics with beautiful drape and hand. “Sensil performance yarns are enhanced to provide additional attributes that consumers require in today’s advanced fabrics,” the manufacturer explains.

“Sensil Breeze imbues apparel with a cooling effect. Sensil Body Fresh protects against the odours microbes can cause, which means clothes don’t have to be laundered as often. Sensil Heat provides warmth on chilly days while Sensil Aquarius wicks perspiration to stay comfortable on warm days. There’s even Sensil Innergy that helps energize cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite.”

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