In the landscape shaped by man, everything represents the rhythm and harmony of shapes. © Südwolle Group

The observation of the variety of shapes, which surround us, and the interaction between nature and human presence is a source of inspiration and reflection for the Südwolle Group. The company presents a new flat knitting yarn qualities for Spring/Summer 2020 by Biella Yarn, its collection specialised in yarns for fashion.

“In the landscape shaped by man, everything represents the rhythm and harmony of shapes: the fluid lines of hybrid architecture that transfer the feeling of nature to an urban setting, the perspectives, which give rhythm to a city, the imposing constructions of ancient structures and cathedrals, the strength of industrial buildings yarn becomes a line, which creates complex and 3D textures, knitting effects and stitches, fabrics textures, details and decorations,” the company says.

The new collection is an inspirational journey between nature and architecture. © Südwolle Group

“A creative alphabet at fashion’s service, where natural fibres blend with technological ones in a functional and respectful balance.”

Creative project

In collaboration with The Woolmark Company, Südwolle Group is also supporting the creative project of two students of the Master in Creative Knitwear Design, developed by Accademia di Costume e Moda and Modateca Deanna.

Fabric samples. © Südwolle Group

The students Hannah Jane Duncan and Lis Bazan Arevalo have created knitted garments especially for Napapijri in collaboration with Stoll. Biella Yarn’s Merino-based yarns will be the ideal material for a project, which balances creativity in knitwear, technology, fashion and functionality proposals.

The Napapijri brand asked students to work on the theme of Fashion and Performance, paying special attention to the concept Make It Better. Through this philosophy, Napapijri embraced an innovation of product aimed at improving the life of consumers, while simultaneously making a significant contribution to the planet’s wellbeing. The CKD students created unique outfits, in collaboration with Artemaglia Fashion, SAT Knitting Machine and Maglificio Loredana.

Biella Yarn Collection

Biella Yarn’s identity is a balance in continuous evolution between nature and technology, dynamic 3D structures and fashion trends. The summer season enhances natural fibres with fine counts and bright colours, ideal for sophisticated and versatile knitwear with a contemporary feel. Extra-fine yarns (15.5 – 17.5 microns) in 100% Merino wool provide summer comfort thanks to its heat-regulating properties, alongside precious blends in cashmere and silk such as the new extremely soft and shiny Super 160’S yarn Carlisle Nm 2/48-2/60 (70% Superfine Merino Wool, 15.5 microns/30% silk).

Biella Yarn’s identity is a balance between nature and technology. © Südwolle Group

Ever-present classic summer blends include linen-based Linus Nm 2/50, or hemp-based Waris Nm 2/48, for knitwear with a natural feel. Brisbane Nm 2/60 is the best-selling stock service yarn. An evergreen product, which offers the cross-season qualities of pure superfine Super 120’s Merino wool with non-shrink treatment, for practical and functional garments. Attention to sustainability materializes in products, which comply with the standards set forth in the agreements with third parties GOTS and IVN Best.

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