Moda Futuribile: Sustainability


Starting from the long experience of the BOND-IN project, Moda Futuribile becomes its evolution, turning into a container into which are gathered all the research and development projects that Dyloan Studio has realized and is planning to realize.

The futurable fashion is the fashion that unbinds itself from a sectorial character, to become a transversal and interdisciplinary research element. Moda Futuribile is a project by Dyloan Studio, not limited to the exploration of the single season trends, but it is proposed to enhance the excellences of the fashion system, through the creation of artefacts representing the ability of the players to propose new possible solutions.
The goal is the enhancement of the creative process in its integrity, starting from projects and product inputs made available by manufacturing companies in their most technical dimension and developed according to a more aesthetic interpretation through the designer’s stylistic vision.
Moda Futuribile, after the number of projects developed through these years, for this edition of Pitti Filati presents a focus on sustainability, not just by limiting to an eco-sustainable approach, but rather by including the integrity of the system and its processes, sensitising to a critical design through the creation of artefacts resulting from the collaboration of a whole fashion system supply chain.
The focus will be developed according to different parameters such as the sourcing and recycling of the materials, the safety and traceability of the processes, the systems regulating distribution and marketing and the values of Made in Italy and the protection of the territory. These aspects will constitute the design inputs, exhibited as proper and real stories, explained in order to show and forward the true possible application of the sustainability principles in designing a finished product.
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