Fulgar launches Q-GEO biobased polyamide yarn



New yarn is suitable for large-scale ecological production – the ideal yarn to meet the growing demand for green, cutting-edge fabrics.

Over the next few years, the textiles sector and the clothing industry in general, will stand out for their use of latest-generation innovative materials with a clear trend towards solutions based on renewable sources. Called next gen materials, they are manmade polymers that offer benefits in terms of recyclability and above all, promote the use of alternatives to fossil sources.

In this way, the fashion industry embraces a model based on more sustainable sources with a smaller environmental impact and is preparing to respond to the growing consumer demand for garments made using innovative, ecological fabrics.

Against this background, Fulgar, a cutting-edge Italian company that focusses on innovation and respect for the environment, announces the launch of Q-Geo, a new bio-based polyamide yarn, that the company says is set to revolutionise the textile market.

According to Fulgar, the product opens up new horizons in the world of fibre, marking a significant step forward in its constant search for materials that can combine the benefits of natural fibres with the advanced performance of high-tech yarns.

Q-GEO offers all the characteristics of a classic polyamide from the point of view of processes and commitment but differs in that it is bio-based and offers outstanding comfort. 46% of the fibre is produced from bio-based polyamide from non-edible corn that is too old or is no longer suitable for nutritional use. It is obtained from industrial cultivation on land that is not suitable for food crop production.

This choice leads to a significant reduction in the environmental footprint, thanks also to reduced water use compared to traditional cotton and lower emissions of greenhouse gases, which are vital in the synthesis of a normal polyamide.

Q-GEO also offers many distinctive technical characteristics. Its biological base gives it a surprising balance between a pleasant feel on the skin and outstanding body humidity management with 50% greater absorbency than a normal polyamide and greater breathability. As for performance, as well as providing the toughness and durability of a normal polyamide it features ultra-rapid drying and flame-retardant properties with no additives used.

Q-GEO is Oeko-Tex Std 100 Class I appendix 6 and Din Certco certified in line with the ASTM D 6866:2022 R.N 8C376 method. An LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study is also available for this yarn. Fulgar says that all of these elements confirm the company’s commitment to a transparent, sustainable supply chain.


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