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Nuremberg, Germany

Spring/Summer 2024 yarns collection for flat knitting from Südwolle.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter associated with happiness. Thanks to its ability to trigger a feeling of well-being, it pushes people to be courageous, to do things that are out of the ordinary and to push creative boundaries, says the leading German yarn spinner Südwolle Group.

These stunning designs by Thorsten Martens, a young and talented designer from Berlin, created with Südwolle‘s Biella Yarns SS24 collection, are new source of ‘dopamine ready-to-wear’ to light up and brighten up the days.

Lollipops and candy canes, as well as the bright colours were the main inspiration for Thorsten’s sparkling knit designs. The silhouettes of dresses and sleeves are a tribute to the round and hypnotic shapes of lollipops, to their bright shades and their imaginative decorative patterns, the spinner says.

© Biella Yarns by Südwolle Group

The combination of very fine yarns like Brisbane Nm 2/60 (100% Merino wool Superfine, 17.5-micron, anti-shrinkage) or Runda Nm 2/60 (70% Merino wool Superfine, 17.5 micron, anti-shrinkage, 20% linen, 10% silk) and modern knitting technologies, allowed the creation of light garments with powerful and contrasting colours that are easy and comfortable to wear. The fine, delicate and light weight of pure wool yarn as well as the blend of wool/linen/silk with the crisp and fresh hand feel gave the garments the desired summer look.

The challenge of turning this creative vision into knitted garments was entrusted to Knitwear Lab, the Dutch design and development centre, based in Amsterdam. The designs implied a variety of textures that were realised by the combination of knitting techniques like multi stepping as a special way to create the volume for the balloon sleeves, the plating technique implemented in most parts of the garment, as well as Stoll-weave-in knitting technique that imitates a woven effect in the fabric.

© Biella Yarns by Südwolle Group

The SS24 collection contains wider range of yarns, including blends with cotton like Marion Nm 2/48 and blends with Lenzing Lyocell, as Godwin Nm 2/30 and Nm 2/48, that with the fine and cool hand feel are suitable for the summer garments.

The range of OTW line of yarns employing Omega Twist technology, developed and patented by the Suedwolle Group, remains extremely popular this season. Ideal for elegant knitwear and refined taste, it ensures that yarns offer outstanding performance in terms of reduced pilling, clean, bright surfaces, a soft feel, elasticity and greater durability. New additions to the line include OTW Agate (100% Merino wool Extrafine, 19.5 micron, Total Easy Care) and OTW Lambert Nm 2/30 and Nm 2/48 (75% Merino wool Extrafine, 19.5 micron, anti-shrinkage, 25% Lenzing Lyocell).


Biella Yarn by Südwolle



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