Cashmere transparency for Artwell with Haelixa


Zurich, Switzerland

Hong Kong based cashmere knitwear producer Artwell adopts Swiss pioneer Haelixa’s physical traceability solution.

In Inner Mongolia, herders have been raising cashmere goats for centuries. The long tradition passed down from generation to generation, has led to the best and purest cashmere in the world.

Leading Hong Kong based knitwear manufacturer Artwell, known for its high-quality cashmere sourced from this area, adds to the value of its cashmere with a focus on sustainability, efficient systems, and traceability. In partnership with Haelixa, a leading physical traceability solution, Artwell uses the Swiss company’s cutting-edge technology to authenticate its cashmere. This includes full transparency on the journey from fibre to finished garment.

The quality of the cashmere fibre determines the value of the product. Artwell prioritises animal welfare and farmers’ economic and social conditions as a Good Cashmere Standard early adopter. Whilst visiting Inner Mongolia last spring to see the cashmere farms first-hand, Gediminas Mikutis, CEO of Haelixa, commented: “After witnessing the care and consideration given to each step in the manufacturing process of cashmere, we were inspired to contribute to transparency along the journey of this exceptional fibre.”

Haelixa’s physical traceability solution marks the cashmere fibres with a specific DNA per farm sets selected by Artwell. The DNA markers are added before dehairing. The lots are tested through cashmere processing to validate whether the marked fibres are present. The finished garment can be traced to specific farm sets with the reports created from these tests.

Operating a lean and transparent factory, Artwell ensures efficiency and organisation in its processes. All methods are systematised and standardised to improve the quality of cashmere garments while minimising contamination and waste. These principles align with responsible practices, benefiting the environment, animals, workers, and consumers. For Artwell, this level of detail distinguishes it from competitors and pushes the value of its already remarkable history in cashmere production.

Using Haelixa supports Artwell’s QR-code-based lot management system, whereby each lot is tracked with its own QR code throughout its vertically integrated system. Combining digital and physical traceability ensures that the fibres are not removed or altered during processing (dehairing, dyeing, spinning, or knitting). With this system, the visibility of products and the origin of raw materials could be assured.

Traceability also addressed the issue of fraudulent or fake cashmere flooding the market. Some suppliers blend cashmere with lower-quality fibres, deceiving consumers and undermining the reputation of genuine cashmere. By establishing a transparent supply chain, brands can verify the authenticity and ethical sourcing of the cashmere. This helps with brand preservation and verified storytelling. Artwell takes excellent care in ensuring the authenticity of its products by implementing a combination of digital and physical traceability measures.

All brands collaborating with Artwell can use Haelixa’s DNA marking on their collections.

With 35 years of knitting knowledge and experience, Artwell’s never-ending eagerness to acquire and cultivate new knitting technologies and management skills has empowered it to combine art and fashion with cashmere confidently. The company says its endless enthusiasm to learn, improve and innovate will continuously shape Artwell into a more dynamic, sustainable and professional cashmere manufacturing company.

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