Alpine Group undertakes Future-Fit Business Benchmark



Alpine is the leading manufacturing partner for activewear and athleisure brands like The North Face, Under Armour and Sweaty Betty.

Prominent fashion personalities such as twins Brett and Scott Staniland and stylist Mary Fellows arrived in London’s Allbright in Mayfair to celebrate 40 years of Alpine Group – a leading manufacturing partner for activewear and athleisure brands like The North Face, Under Armour and Sweaty Betty – as it becomes the first textile innovation and apparel manufacturing business globally to undertake the Future-Fit Business Benchmark.

Alpine Group decided this to be the perfect way to celebrate its 40 years of business and as the opportunity to reframe what growth means, by adopting the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, and highlighting the critical role that textile innovation and apparel manufacturing play in driving systemic change throughout the fashion value chain.

The Furture Fit Benchmark is not another certification or rating system, rather a proper business tool grounded in science and designed to help any company define their future path in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and identify what needs to be done to transition towards an environmentally restorative, socially just and economically inclusive future.

The Benchmark will see Alpine Group follow a comprehensive sustainability strategy dubbed ‘Threading the Future’ that will address three holistic areas of impact, namely Materials and Innovation; People Development and Empowerment; as well as Environmental Impact and Community Action.

Speaking at the event, Clare Woodford, Global Director, Impact and Marketing, said: “At Alpine, we have spent the past 40 years researching and pioneering sustainable breakthroughs in materials science and manufacturing technology. This is not an easy journey, but we know it is essential for the future of fashion. Adopting the Future-Fit Business Benchmark now is our way of accelerating change by bringing the rest of the industry – brands and partners alike – on this journey with us. We do it so that our innovation and manufacturing can positively impact the entire value chain.”

Speaking about the commitment at the event, Martin Rich, Co-Founder, Future-Fit Foundation,commented: “The transition to true sustainability is going to be long and hard for any business — and like any journey, you don’t get very far unless you know exactly where you’re going. The Future-Fit Business Benchmark defines the destination all companies need to aim for and offers guidance to steer toward it. Unfortunately, many businesses still find the idea of real transformation daunting, so settle for incremental improvement to the unsustainable status quo. That widespread lack of ambition only serves to underline the importance of Alpine Group’s commitment to Future-Fit. It’s a milestone development that stands to pave the way for the fashion industry as a whole. Hopefully other organisations will follow Alpine Group’s lead — to play their part in building a better world.”

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